Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rambling Dreaming

Hi all. So as many of you know I'm a writer, I'm one of those dorky girls who gets an idea and I begin to plan and plot out that idea until it gives me something resembling a story. I've been asked time and time again - where do you get your ideas? - well that's pretty simple really, or perhaps not so simple. I get them from everywhere. Literally I can get an idea for a story on my way to work (oh yes, I work!) or from people watching but to be perfectly honest the place I get most of my ideas from is from dreams.

You know, those elusive images that play behind your eyes when you close them? Yes, that's where the bulk part of my ideas for stories come from.

So with that in mind...

Let me give you one of the oddest of dreams that I've ever, ever had in my life. This is one that's so complex that I don't think it could ever become a story and if it did it would be one of those books that would be massive just to describe the intricacies of it.

I'm totally blaming this dream on the flu medication that I'm taking, the cough medication and (don't laugh!) on a commercial that I watched about a new toy that's out for Star Wars light-sabers. (Don't judge.)

Okay, so I hope that I can get this all out right. Sadly its doubtful because I've been up for several hours and only the vestiges of the dream remain.

Oh, one other thing I would like to add... I'm a romance writer and typically I dream of romances but not this one...

So it all began with five colors flashing behind my eyes. Orange, blue, yellow, green and pink. These colors are the "highlighter" version of the colors - so very bright.

So while we go from colors to these people who were on a ship. They were cruising through the stars but everything was hues of one of the colors - don't recall which - on this ship. Suddenly however the ship goes on a ship wide alert. The colors flashing in the halls were even in the same hues as the people and so on. They were all some shade of the orange or whatever.

Then the dream flashes to the command deck where they are looking out the window (again, dream here!) and then shift and turn. You see the other four colors near this first color and the alerts are blazing everywhere.

The humans, yes even though they are all sorts of strange colors they were all humans, began to swap taunts and so on. You know, I'm orange and you are yellow so we hate each other!

Sad but true that even today we still have people using race to profile, segregate, slur and discriminate against. It makes me very sad that this happens so often in what should be a time of no boundaries with race, color, and most especially sexual orientation.

Okay, sorry about that. I'm off that soap box, took a drink and will continue... 

So we have the five captains of the ships swapping taunts and teases but one person who still stood at the window realizes that there is no sun. Strangely enough they had no sun, no stars, nothing. 

They all stop, dead in their tracks stop. 

We then flash to an all grey room. There are five people who are there that are watching what's happening in space. Then one of them speaks. I don't recall exactly what it was but basically they said - they failed again. Reset? 

The other four nod and then one of them touches an exposed wire to an orb and everything flashes away and we are back once more at the same place in space. 

I know that's weird, it gets weirder....


This loops a couple of time but suddenly one of the people in the grey room, let's call them Gods (I say that because one was dressed like Athena, one as Apollo, Zeus, Aphrodite and Ares) decides to take matters into her own hands. So she gives one of the colors a technology from one of the previous incarnations as well as colors. 

Did I mention that each time these Gods "reset" the game-board the technology changes? No, oh, my bad. By the way... when the Gods "reset" the game-board the technology changes. :) 

Now, where was I? 

Oh yes! So one of the Gods decides that they want to take matters into their own hands because they were tired of the stalemate that continued to be given to them. Seems that they were looking for something from humanity that humanity wouldn't give them. 

So this God goes to the "pen" of colors. Each color has segregated but each layer has the same number of "things" on it -- People, animals, technology etc -- everything that had ever been and every could be with that color in that incarnation was held inside of that pen. 

If you've made it this far you are much more muchier!

She looks over the stable of "things" and chooses one to represent her. She sends this being into the next incarnation of the colors at this stalemate but this time she poses the dare to the other Gods...

Select one as a champion - whoever won and did whatever it is that they want (and yes I do know and you will find out.. patience grasshoppa) that God would "win" and be able to take all power from the table. 

See, even the Doctor says its a bad idea!

So they all select a color.... 

And the race is on.... 

So on the various colored ships we see things playing out here and there. Anyway - finally the five colors get together. 

The Gods, well come on let's face it these particular ones are a bit on the butt-hole side of things if mythology is to be believed, have all interfered. Choosing various "people" here and there to show them that their color should be top notch. Et cetera and so on. 

All but the first God who put the whole works into motion. This one simply sat back and watched what was happening because they knew without a shadow of a doubt that this one was the right one. This person, being, whatever it is. 

Don't worry, Channing, you will understand it soon - or be more confused. I know I'm confused trying to tell this silly story. It's okay, you are still super hot anyway. :) 

So we finally get to the moment in time where there is the normal "reset" ...

Oh shush!

The five leaders of the colors are all together and they are fighting. They are told suddenly that this is the final reset and these Gods are disappointed in them not being able to get over their own needs to see another's needs... (told you I knew what these Gods wanted!)

Four of the colors are shouting, saying that it was so-and-so's fault, just give them another chance and so on... 

It's the fifth color however that looks at the countdown clock (Don't ask me where it came from!) that was ticking down. He stood and moved so that he was facing a monitor. He spoke firmly to whoever might be listening. 

You are right we can't see past our own needs, our own colors
To see that we are all the same. 

Our blood runs in rivers that blends and mixes into one
Its the same color

Our dead are all rotting in space
None are coming back

We don't deserve to continue. 

We have failed. 

I am simply sorry that we have put you through all of this 
All of these times, all with the same outcome

We have failed

The God who championed this person first smiled and stepped forward and spoke...

You haven't failed this time. You learned, finally. 

Everyone then became the same color, the reset was gone and I woke up. 

I know, freaky right? But that's what I have... 

So, what are you all doing this fab-tab night?