Monday, July 18, 2016

Ares, Gods of Old 1

Gods of Old
by April Zyon
Published By VinVatar Publishing

A trip of a lifetime and a journey to save herself led Ava to Greece. While looking through the ancient ruins, she realized a truth so few grasp—sometimes History isn't always right, and Myths are far more than just that. In possession of a book, which could end a God's life, she sees things that no other human could-them. 

The God of War has no sense of humor nor is he a warm and fuzzy kind of guy. He's a God and expects everyone to abide it. Ares comes across a human who instantly fascinates him and then pisses him off beyond all reason the moment she opens her mouth. Oh, and what a kissable mouth indeed. Barely containing himself from spanking, Ava, he leaves the young mortal to her own devices. Well, at least until they meet again. All thanks to a meddling brother, he has to face the only mortal to make his blood boil. 

The God of War has faced many obstacles in his life of immortality and never has he lost a war. He has no plans of losing this one with the little mortal woman who is wreaking havoc on a heart he thought was lost. Everything is in jeopardy when the book falls into the wrong hands, leaving a few Gods having to work together to get the answers. If they don't succeed, the God of War could lose his first war.


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