Friday, October 7, 2016

The Jaguar's Mate

The Jaguar's Mate, book 3
by April Zyon
Published by Evernight Publishing
Cover by Jay Aheer


Quinn Ash is as human as they come. She came to Shifter Falls to hide from the danger. Too bad trouble always has a way of finding her.

Piran Raske works with wood. It makes his Jaguar happy, plus he makes a great living doing it. But he's lonely and needs more to keep him and his cat satisfied.

Quinn comes into Piran’s life with her shockingly dark secret, and he knows he must protect her. As much as he doesn’t want to, Piran asks his friends for help to keep his mate safe. But is it too late to save the love of his life?

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     Holding the mug in her hands, Quinn looked out of the large picture window of her living room and into the brilliant summer day and smiled. She loved this time of year. Not only was she was out of school, but this was the time of year where life was in full bloom.
     She lifted a hand and waved at one of the kids that had recently graduated from her sixth grade class. Sometimes it was heartbreaking to know that the shy little fledglings would one day walk into the large ocean of middle school. She did all she could to prepare them, not only with her curriculum but also with the things she taught them in how to deal with larger crowds of people, how to be giving and, most importantly with some of the kids, how to control their tempers. She didn’t know why but some of the kids had serious issues with their tempers and that worried her.
    Looking at the clock, she stood and brushed her hands down her pants. “Okay, time to get ready.” She checked her phone to make sure that her date hadn’t canceled on her and when she saw he hadn’t, she smiled. “So far, this dating site has been pretty nifty. I have no idea why I never get a second date, but here is hoping that I get one from this guy.”
     The site was and she’d met a number of great guys that she had gone out on dates with but oddly enough at the end of all of the dates most of the men had said something very similar to you aren’t the one, which Quinn had always felt was odd but what did she know? At least they all seemed to become friends and pseudo-siblings to her, so that was kind of cool.
     She lifted the phone and shot a text message to the man she had been talking to on the phone, computer, and via text message for the last few months to ensure that they would be able to meet this time. She wanted to meet this man. She felt a connection to this man, and she wanted to meet him to see if the connection was as real in person as it was via their text messages and online communications.
     So nothing else is standing in the way of us finally meeting, right? No emergencies popping up? I don’t have any and I’m only going to answer your e-mails and text messages, so things are good on my end.
     It had been very odd. Each time they'd tried to meet, something came up either in her life or his and they had to cancel their dates time and time again. In fact, this would be their thirteenth date made, so she was hopeful that maybe thirteen would be the proper number. She took her mug to the kitchen and washed it, then headed to her bedroom to get dressed. A loud ping had her pausing in the doorway, though. An e-mail. Quinn frowned but hurried to the laptop and took a seat at her desk. Her stomach clenched as she saw who the e-mail was from. Her eyes scanned the message once, then twice. She re-read the words once more and felt a chill racing up and down her spine.

Adult Excerpt

     “Holy mother of all that’s fucking awesome in this world. Please, more.” She sobbed when he began to lick her pussy with that wickedly rough tongue. “Please, please, tell me what else we have to do in order for our mating to happen. What do I do?”
     “Accept everything,” he said. She felt the scrape of very sharp teeth to her mound. It had been light but enough to have her body release more liquid need. Piran returned his attention to her pussy. Hands on her ass, he lifted her up to his mouth, holding her in perfect position for his pleasure and hers.
     “I do.” She moaned. “Accept everything. You are everything to me. I don’t understand how it happened so fast but you are,” she whispered. “Fucking hell, that feels good.” Her fingers tightened on the headboard. She clung to it and used it as an anchor to keep herself firmly in the here and now.
     He set her ass back on the bed, moving to suck on her clit. His thumb slid over her slick folds and opened them while he slid a finger into her sheath. Piran pumped the digit in and out a couple times before adding a second, and eventually a third, finger to stretch her. He rubbed his tongue to her clit before pressing it flat and letting out a growl that vibrated right through her.
     She loved the way he was stretching her, the way his fingers rubbed just on the inside of her pussy. His callouses added an extra layer of sensation to her already aching body. “Your fingers feel amazing. More,” she demanded. 
     “Greedy,” he murmured in amusement. Pulling his fingers free, he licked them clean one at a time. Then he crawled up over her until he could kiss her. “You can let go of the headboard now.” Piran pressed kisses along her jaw and down her throat, pausing to occasionally nip at her skin.
     She pulled him closer to kiss him again. She moaned with her hands in his hair. When she parted from him, she licked her lips. “I think I could get used to tasting myself on your lips. But I really want to feel you inside of me.” 
     “I was thinking about sliding it deep inside that tight pussy and fucking you silly. Then doing it a few more times before I let you get any sleep tonight. Possibly even waking you in the middle of the night to do it another time or two.” He smiled at her low moan. “Shifters have a high sex drive. Probably should have mentioned that earlier. Now, serious talk, should I grab a condom? I can’t use it for a proper claiming, but we don’t have to do that tonight if you want more time.”
     Quinn nodded. “I don’t have birth control because I’ve never needed it. As much as I want children, and God knows I do, I want to have time with you first.” She hoped it wouldn’t hurt his feelings, but she didn’t know what else to say to him. She wanted to be with him, wanted to have everything with him, but she wanted to know him fully first. “I just need you, please.”
     Stroking his fingers down her cheek, he smiled and kissed her. “Soon, little mate.”

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